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Morizhitian came on. The Sword Shield Rose battle team from Aslan sent Sleipnir. Every member on the Sword Shield Rose battle team had extraordinary reputation. All of them were famous. In fact, their public image was not very tough. Aslan and Arbiter were different. Arbiter was constantly declaring to everyone that they were steel warriors and that they were invincible. Aslan, in comparison, was calmer, and they did not wish to display their tough side. Such was their style that no one had much information about the Sword Shield Rose battle team. Simply put, the Arbiters were arrogant smart alecs, while Aslan were more reserved smart alecs. They had different styles. The latter had an advantage as no one knew what their trump card was.


In the Saruman Snake battle team, Achilles was the only one that could be comparable to the Sword Shield Rose in terms of disposition. The meticulous disposition of the people from the Moon was indeed very similar to that of Aslan.


At this moment, the battle axe of the Frenzy mech was also raised instantly and charged towards the Dragon Spear. First contact. It was obvious that the Arbiter had no reason to avoid the battle.


The entire audience in the arena stood up. No sound, no noise. Everyones gazes were on this man. This was the best battle ever since the start of the SIG. Regardless of the sequence, they might not get first place, but the two had fought the best battle yet. At this very moment, in the hearts of everyone, Wang Zheng was the best of the best!


The golden sword struck the Rune Sword. Wang Zheng was not bewitched by the avatar ability. Of course, he understood the reason, but the Phantom King’s Avatar ability was not just a simple bewitchment.


Kashawen’s secretary, Mitchell, and Aina’s secretary, Lacus, had all arrived. Such a competition that had seemed to lean towards one party at the beginning had reached the current point of a competition in the dark.

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This was definitely a somber warning to Lear. Even if the lineup was strengthened, Lear still did not believe that his team could defeat the Asura battle team.


The mech reacted instantly. Runes flashed and Luo Feis attack struck on empty. The Holy Light Pioneer had already opened up a distance of more than ten meters. Even with the use of the teleportation box, it was insufficient to close in the distance. He had completely fallen into the calculated plan of his opponent. Even if he had used the teleportation box, it would be a wasted effort because his opponent could also use it to open up the distance again.


The national anthem of the Mayan Empire was playing in the arena. The image showed the Mayans standing, hands together and held in the air. This was a Mayan tradition. The unique Mayan singing and the Mayans’ bodies appeared more crystal-clear. However, most of the humans did not understand it.


“I think all of you already know that what follows is the qualifiers. As a leader and member competition, elimination of the leader will immediately eliminate the team. If the team does not have numbers to make the four, then they are also eliminated,” Akerlof stated emotionlessly. There was still no sound in the venue. “All of you are Ability X users, and I know many among you are Earth rank. That is why your first test is Ability X.”


Nevertheless, everyone could tell from Hinrich’s expression on the big screen. It seemed… it was not the wrong choice.


An opportunity for a rescue. Wang Zheng challenged the S-level mission. Instantly, the entire audience went into an uproar. His luck was so bad that even the heavens were protesting.


Exchange places, Papilsag, Santander! said Ander Lucia in a low voice. Everyone, remember, dont attack rashly. Gradation depletion. His physical strength and spiritual power cannot hold out for too long. Maintain a good formation and Space Aisle. Dont take on the attacks directly. Enhance the usage of Karamso!



Everyone entered one by one. The quality test was not too structured. It was divided into three categories: high, middle, and low.



Those that came at Wang Zheng would not be wave after wave of people, but those with pressing reasons and opportunity seekers like González. Sweet targets with no comebacks like Wang Zheng were a rare find.


Currently, the families of these missing people have not taken much action regarding the disappearances. But we cant take it lightly. This could be an excuse to start a war.


This was something that no one had anticipated. A demon had actually appeared on island B to throw things into confusion. And this battle had let the Tita people move towards the Milky Way Alliance stage for real. Tita Star was seen as a small fish in battle, and many big countries slighted it. But here at SIG, it was a completely different matter.

  • In order to fight against Wang Zheng, there must be a determination to stare death in the eye and be resurrected. González was a man of the world. He had to take a risk. He would have to use his experience that he had over Wang Zheng to finish him off.
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