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In the next second, the entire audience in the arena stood up. Thunderous cheers resounded through the skies. These cheers immediately spread out to the outside of the arena, throughout the entire Aslan, and the entire Milky Way Alliance.


“That’s right. The most critical part is that a photo was sent back right before the fleet disappeared. They seemed to have discovered something extraordinary. I’m not very sure of the specifics, but you can think of possibilities,” Luo Er mentioned.


However, the maintenance crew had finished restoring the energy system. The new energy protection wall had been raised. This meant that the team battle could start any time.


Wang Zheng now knew why Kashawen was so calm and collected. Manalasuo, Arbiter, and himself had been mere fishes, with Aina as the bait. What kind of person was Kashawen?


Almost half the arena was enveloped in the strange frost. In the center of the arena was a giant icicle that was a couple of meters tall.


Wang Zheng had thought long and hard for the past two days about Saruman Snake’s last meeting before the battle. There was no need to consider what was to come. Everything was over if they could not advance through this round.

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Although Wang Zheng was skilled in the five elements, the members of Saruman Snake knew that his characteristic was synthesizing. His practice in a single aspect was not in-depth.


This was Jondi Lilicks realization as a bystander. He had felt that Wang Zheng being able to decipher his moves was accidental. However, in actual fact, this accident was a natural result of strength. It was a matter of whether the loser was willing to face it or not.


The runes of the Phantom King lit up. Immediately, the mech lifted into the air. The Rune Sword started burning with flames, showing the intense energy response. This was how Atlanteans harmonized with the universe. Their communication had no attributes. It was unknown why the Atlanteans could not comprehend the five elements. However, it did not mean that this energy was weak; they communicated with the original force.


Mu Sen and Bolet began chatting. Perhaps because of Wang Zheng, or maybe because of the styles of the battle, they hit if off very well. Such events were actually opportunities for the various countries to connect and seek alliances, and strengthen their relationships.


Wang Zheng smiled. “No matter. If I were in your shoes, I’m afraid I would do the same.”


The Five Elements Forge was the second research direction which he supervised. It was mainly used to classify and evaluate Ability X quality.


When their strength reached a certain level, it would gather its own power and not waste it unnecessarily. Two tyrannical powers continuously gathered between the two of them, constantly compressing. What kind of force would the power of the five elements be unleashing?



Almost immediately, Fatty’s whole body was drenched thoroughly. A suffocating fear came through. If he lost, the Dynasty battle team would be finished. Upon thinking of Lear’s look, it would be like the end of the world for Luo Fei.



Lear was already feeling the pressure. He primarily focus was attacking. In addition, he had his own unique lightning attack styles. Hence, he should have the advantage. But his opponent had easily defended against all his attacks as if all his movies had been seen through.


The moment she struck, she attacked with no hesitation, but her opponents defense seemed to be far greater than what she expected. She could no longer let things continue. As the flame whips continued their attack, the temperature in the arena was rising, and the audience felt the extreme heat.


Everyone forgot about the Dynasty battle team; their focus was on Wang Zheng. Lin Fengs expression was calm he simply did not care. Wang Zhengs achievements were not attained overnight, but accumulated over the years. He had risked his life fighting every match. Good preparation was the key to success.

  • Hence, they had never dreamt that anyone would dare to challenge them!
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