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The black flames were burning. The attacks had been furious and chilling. However, just like a ferocious dog that did not bite, the exaggerated strength displayed previously, had now diminished. But the burning “black flame” was in a different league altogether.


Kashawen poured herself another glass of red wine. The poorer you were, the bolder you were. Her own “persecution” seemed to have contributed to Wang Zheng’s determination. Jondi Lilick was the super genius of Manalasuo’s new generation. To put it bluntly, the pride of Bolet. This fellow could not wait for everyone to boast again. She was well aware of Bolet’s character. Although it was unclear what the hidden power was, but his expression echoed that of invincibility. Suddenly, Kashawen was regretting somewhat. She should have arranged for an actual fight. This was because when facing death during a battle, everyone would perform differently, and it could reflect the humility of human nature. First love and adoration were undoubtedly beautiful, Aina had not seen the ugly side of it. Tsk, tsk, pity. It should had been an actual fight. In confronting Jondi Lilick, death or serious inquires were a certainty that awaited Wang Zheng. Regardless of the outcome, Qiqin Nacchai had died in vain. If Wang Zheng really advanced through to the next round, he would not let pass an opportunity to Lya Sphinx. It was better to mourn alone than to mourn collectively.


Zhang Shan laughed. “Casual bootlicking got me nine tags. How many did you get? Elite pros? Show me? Oh, looks like you’re really at the top. You need a hat.”


The secretary paused for a while. “Your Excellency, I am no expert in military matters. But the opinion of the various generals is that Wang Zheng has immeasurable potential, and Manalasuo’s General Bolet favors him greatly.”


“Keke, my thanks. But this matter might rouse Prime Minister Kashawen’s displeasure…” Wang Zheng felt like he had to warn her.


Sabot smiled bitterly. His cells and bodys condition are normal; they would not differ much from that of a normal person. This is clearly abnormal. Most likely, there are deeper secrets hidden within his body.

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For the team. For Zhang Shan, who was still in a coma. For Achilles, who was still lying in bed. For Saruman Snake and for that b*stard Wang Zheng.


In a completely different state from Zhang Shan, the Dynasty battle team was extremely savage. One thing was that they were not the main targets. Another was that the team had Mayans, as well as three experts in ancient arts. The handicap of no Ability X was a blessing, and each had collected tags.


Hu Ya was a scout with mid-B ranged Ability X. He had ice affinity and was also a senior mechanic.


Behind Mu Zhen, there were two pursuers. Night fell. They were even saying that Mu Zhen could run but not hide. His huge figure was a liability at this time.


Jondi Lilick slightly chuckled. He had never expected for Wang Zheng to play any battle tactics at this junction. It was really interesting; he had originally thought it would be Achilles.


Luo Fei himself was never a firm person, and with the addition of many complicated elements, it thus resulted in today’s situation.


Instantly, Aina came to a realization. The risks had been low till now because it had been virtual battles thus far. If it had become actual battle, the risks would be much higher since they would have to deal with different abilities and physical injuries. Any mistakes would be irreversible. At the same time… Wang Zheng’s teammates…



Your Highness, youre using radical method. This is definitely impossible. Sister Ruoliu, isnt this correct? said a smiling Qian Xuedie.



They were of legitimate age. The captain, as the oldest, was only thirty-one years old. Their overall evaluation was that they were a “lower mid” battle team, but in the end, they had dragged the dignified top ten seeded Radiance battle team to the team battle segment!


But even so, Zhang Shan could only run and hide. But such an exertion was not sustainable. Zhang Shan’s best move was to play dead and hide. He concealed himself completely in the day, using his breathing technique to reduce his energy expenditure to a minimum, and emerged in the deep of night to forage.


Kashawen looked quietly at the beautiful scenery outside the window. She knew Aina would try to stop her. Unfortunately for Aina, Kashawen was still the head of Aslan now, and Aina could not stop her. Besides, since the death of Qiqin Nacchai, Lya Sphinx had a lot of pent up anger. If they were given an opportunity, they would certainly not give up.

  • The Wind God flew away. Luo Feis consciousness was also floating away. The redness in his pupils was slowly dissipating. Life was slowly slipping away. Luo Fei knew that such a day would come. So he would eat while he could, he would sleep while he could. He would eventually have to repay what he owed Lear with his life. This was his destiny.
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